HD 10/25-4S Cold Pressure Washer

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Super Class 3-phase cold water high-pressure cleaner for continuous operation in tough operating conditions.

The HD 10/25-4 S is one of the most powerful high-pressure cleaners in its class. This 3-phase machine has a 4-pole, long-life water cooled motor, robust 3-piston axial pump with brass cylinder head and ceramic pistons, perfect for tough continuous daily applications. Ideal for daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles and buildings with its high water flow rate of up to 1,000 litres/hour and pressure of up to 250 bar.

Standard accessories

  • Anti-twist system (AVS)
  • 4-pole three-phase motor with air and water cooling
  • Three piston axial pump, with ceramic piston
  • Pressure switch control
  • Integrated fine mesh water filter
  • Trigger gun, EASYForce! Advanced
  • Trigger gun with soft grip
  • Electronic motor protection system with LED display
  • Oil sight glass
  • Servo Control
  • Spray lance
  • Brass water inlet fitting
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