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We Sell the Best and Repair the Rest …

Our A.P.W.C dealership was secured with Karcher UK in November 1979, which we were very proud of, and have now gained recognition of being the only Premier Dealer in the North of Scotland selling a diverse range of Kärcher cleaning equipment worldwide. It was soon realised that this product was of very high quality and value for money. The business has gone from strength to strength over the years, providing an upstanding approach to the industry, coupled with the advantage of our product knowledge and excellent customer service.

In summer of 1980 the company began to expand, and during that year, two more sales staff were added to the workforce in which a designated sales person was appointed to deal with the cleaning equipment which coincided with the launch of Aberdeen Pressure Washer Centre as part of a non agricultural marketing tool to increase business in the commercial and industrial sector.

Through a growing client base over the years, A.P.W.C. has expanded, and it was during May 2005 that we opened our branch at the Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, which has also proved to be very successful, continuing to provide innovative solutions to our customers requirements. It was during that year that Aberdeen Pressure Washer Centre was awarded a premier Kärcher dealer status – one of only three appointed in Scotland who was to serve the North East of Scotland, Grampian, Highlands and Islands with cleaning equipment.

In November 2010, we were delighted to have been appointed an official Karcher Store at out Thainstone Branch, Inverurie, which was the only Karcher Store in the North of Scotland stocked with a wide range of domestic and commercial machines, spare parts, accessories and cleaning agents. Following on in 2017, we opened our second Karcher Store in Duff Street, Turriff.  We are proud to be the ONLY dealer in Scotland to have two Karcher Stores.  The staff at the Karcher Stores are experienced in all product groups and applications by undergoing thorough training at the Karcher Academy, Banbury. We are Karcher Accredited Authorised Servicing Dealers and are able to offer advice on all aspects of Pressure Washing and Floor Care including Hire, Sales and Maintenance.

Today our philosophy revolves around providing the very best customer back-up in service and spares. This is supported by supplying many Kärcher cleaning equipment to include water recycling systems, and offshore cleaning systems.

After 40 yrs of business, Aberdeen Pressure Washer Centre continues to expand to serve the whole working community, and are proud to be the only dealer in Scotland with two Karcher Stores.


APWC - Karcher Window Vac

Spills Cost Money!

Even the smallest of spills, can very easily spread to a much larger area when you attempt to clean up with a mop.

Using a normal mop & bucket to clean up a spill may seem a very quick and easy option, but floors often remain wet and unsafe for a number of minutes afterwards, creating a risky slip hazard, which could cost your business!

Using a Karcher scrubber & dryer, removes that risk with the minimum of effort, leaving floors clean, dry and most importantly safe!

APWC - Clean Spills
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